Corpse Trafficking or Donation of Dead Bodies to SSR Medical College?

It all started with an anonymous letter. Yes, pretty much like in movies. A letter was sent to Casernes to divulge the fact that a home found in Calebasses had sent some corpses to the SSR Medical College (SSRMC). As police efforts are being concentrated to elucidate the mystery hovering around the corpses having been transferred from from the home to the SSRMC, the personnel of the shelter in question has jumped to the defence of their institution. Premchand Boojhawon, the director of the home Krishnanand Seva, has said that the corpses were not sold to the medical school. Rather, it was a donation that was made.

The home has been under the allegations that it has indulged into corpse trafficking ever since the police discovered that some of the corpses found at the medical institution comes from there. Meanwhile, the 9 corpses are in police custody since Monday, 4 of which come from the home.

According to Premchand Boojhawon, he had a verbal agreement with the ex Director of the school Dhandeo Bauhadoor and the current director, R.P.N. Singh as to the ‘donation’ of the dead bodies. The agreement stipulated that the home would give away any corpse that was not claimed by the family members of the deceased person to the SSRMC. From 2001 to 2007, 6 unclaimed bodies have been thus transferred.

The aim of the agreement contracted was to be of help to the students of the SSRMC. No corpse traffic has ever been made, according to the Director. With the setting up of a medical school like SSRMC, many families who would have been otherwise unable to finance medicine studies for their offspring were given the opportunity to do so at a reasonable cost. Since corpses had to be made available for the studies of the aspiring doctors, they thought that it was their duty to help the latter.

Also, most of the people residing in the home do have family and relatives; very little of them have noone of their own. Unclaimed bodies would be sent to the SSRN hospital at Pamplemousses. After registration of the dead bodies, the Ministry of Health takes in charge the burying of the dead bodies at the Bois-Marchand cemetery.

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