Cracks along Ring Road

Damaged Ring Road To Be Repaired By July 2014

Since some weeks now, the damage undergone by the newly-constructed Ring Road has stirred many a debate in the country. The government had made massive investments in the project, and according to the clauses in the contract made with the builders, it did not have to incur the expenses of the repair works. Rehl-Grinaker-Colas, the contractor that had taken upon itself the building project, was supposed to be the one to pay for the repair works, as per the liability clauses in the agreement between the company and the Government. The Ring Road is now woven with cracks and splits all along its length. The deplorable state has indeed shocked all of us.

Cracks along Ring Road

The Ring Road repair works were among the subjects discussed in parliament. Answering to questions from the members of the opposition, Anil Bachoo, the Minister of Public Infrastructure, said that in case the company does not respect the clauses in their contract, actions will be taken against them.

As for the repair works, they should start off in 2 to 3 weeks, such that the works will have been completed by the end of July. Anil Bachoo has also added that they will call upon an engineer to evaluate the work being done with the aim to ensure whether it has been done correctly. Furthermore, the report submitted by the Egyptian consultants will be made public next week.

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