Dead Bodies From Homes Transferred To SSR Medical College

Lately, the SSR Medical College (SSRMC) was all over the news because it had issues with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). It had previously breached some agreements with TEC and was, hence, barred from making any procedure having to do with the registration of new students. Then, later on, it was granted the right to go forward with the enrollment of new first year students after it had met the requirements of TEC. Now, the SSRMC is again in the limelight, but for some pretty peculiar reason, entailing dead bodies.


Last night, police forces were on the premises of the SSR Medical College. They landed at the tertiary educational institution and took into custody 9 dead bodies. What has the police got to do with corpses found at the SSRMC?! Speculating already, reader? Maybe the source of the dead bodies is of a suspicious and illegal nature? According to what has been found yet, the cadavers originate from nursing homes and shelters of the like. Ouch, I sense a battle of ethics coming up.

Uptil now, what has been confirmed is that 4 of the 9 dead bodies belong to old members of the Krishnanand Seva Ashram. The secretary of the home has corroborated this as a fact, saying that bodies had previously been transported to the SSRMC. However, the representative of the home denies any allegation of corpse trafficking. The personnel of the shelter maintain that they have done nothing that goes beyond the boundaries of the laws, and hence, they have nothing to hide.

Now, coming to serious questions. Is the giving away of dead bodies to medical institutions an illegal act? Well, no law has been formulated to forbid this. According to Dr. Satish Boolell, certain conditions for the transfer of bodies for such ends are mentioned in laws. But, these laws do not address this issue directly. The conditions stipulated imply that the death of the person should not be one which is subject to police investigations and that the corpse must not be infected.

However, how ethical is this action? People who end up in homes usually have noone to cater for their needs. Does this mean that it is permissible to give away their bodies to medical institutions? Have the people signed some kind of agreement to allow this prior to their death? Or, are their dead bodies left to the mercy of the personnel of the homes? And, what do *you* think about it, reader?


  • I think that the Government of Mauritius, as soon as possible, has to take a look at this and see to make the laws, covering this area.I am quit surpriced that this area isn’t covered ?

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