MRA Deadline For Submitting Income Tax Returns and Effecting Tax Payment At Cash Desk

As the world over has undergone intensive computerisation to store databases, Mauritius has not been left behind either. The government had recently proclaimed that its database systems storing information on employees will be digitalised. People all around the island find it much easier to have access to their data online rather than having to go through the paperworks required. In line with this, the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has come up with a new strategy to have people fill in the income tax forms – giving them the opportunity to do so online.


Uptil now, more than 80 000 people have filled in the online form. According to the MRA, the number must increase up to 90 000 by tonight, which is the closing date for this procedure.

Some 7500 people have reported to one of the 16 centres around the island to fill in the forms. The centres were crowded during the weekend. The MRA expects to have around 125 000 forms duly filled for this year. The deadline for online payment is up to the 15th of April.

And, as we know, not meeting deadlines comes with penalties. Per month of lateness for submission of the form, one will be liable to pay a penalty for late submission of return of Rs 2000 per month up to a maximum of Rs 20 000. Those not respecting the deadline for the payment of the tax will be charged an additional penalty for late payment of tax of 5% of the tax amount and interest on unpaid tax of 1% per month.

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