East Coast Trunk Road – New Road To Be Constructed Linking The North To The East of Mauritius

As it seems, this year is the year of the construction of new roads! A new infrastructure building project has been set up by the government: the East Coast Trunk Road project. The aim of this project is to ease the way for those travelling from the North to the East of the country. To concretise this plan, the government has initiated the procedures to make the acquisition of lands which are to be used for this purpose.




It is upon the Ministry of Housing and Lands to buy a total of 82 lands. The latter are owned by sugar-making companies, such as St-Antoine Ltd and others situated at Forbach, Mont-Loisir-Rouillard, Union-Daruty and l’Espérance-Trébuchet. The date for the start of the construction works has not yet been made public though. Before finalising everything, the procedures to buy the lands concerned have to be completed and tenders have to be made. The government is currently going over the financial expenses entailed in the project.

The East Coast Trunk Road will go through Bel-Air, to be later connected to the motorway in the Northern region, near Forbach. It has been planned to pass through Queen-Victoria, Plaine-De-Gersigny, Pont-Blanc and Rivière-du-Rempart. The consortium Luxconsult Mauritius/Lea Associates had been previously contacted by the government, in 2012, to draw the road and to draft the document to be able to prepare the tenders.

Those who have to travel to and from the North and the East of the island will be pleasantly surprised. The current road infrastructure makes of the journey back and forth a tedious one. Hopefully, the procedures for the road construction will go on smoothly. And, without repercussions like those resulting from the construction of the Ring Road…

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