Ebene Junction Office Spaces For Sale As From April 2014 – Rs 2.2 M For A 34m² Office Space

The cybercity at Ebene has witnessed buildings growing all across like mushrooms. It has become the strategic place for companies to set up their offices – easily accessible, plenty of space and what not. Ebene Junction, the new building that has been added to the growing list of infrastructure at Ebene, has already attracted more than 80 companies, proclaiming their intention to make the acquisition of the offices available in the building – either by buying them, or by renting. The Ebene Junction is seen as the ideal means to finally have one’s own office for the small and medium enterprises which cannot amass enough resources to have their own offices.


The renting and selling of office spaces constitutes a new business in itself being developed by promoters at Ebene. The offices are not on lands granted on lease, which makes of them the perfect acquisition for buyers who wish to engage in long term investments.

The area of one particular office space is 20m². This is the smallest office space available. Others are at 34m² and up to 150m². Most of the buyers have opted for the smallest ones. The selling of an office making up 34m² is at Rs 2.2 millions. In the long-term, buying the offices would be more advantageous than renting, since rents accumulated over a long period of time would amount to a greater sum of money than the actual buying of the offices. Furthermore, being in the possession of such property consolidates the total assets of the enterprise.

As for the largest office spaces of 150m², they are being sold at Rs 9 millions each.

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