Enormous Rock Falling Off Cliff At Macondé

Macondé offers one of the most beautiful sceneries in Mauritius. Located in the south-west of the island, it offers a picturesque sight that never fails to astound Mauritians and tourists alike. What is even more special about that particularly region is that it combines beauty with awe. Many like to seep in the calm beauty that it displays and many others view it as the perfect quest-for-adventure kind of place, with the dangerous waves crashing against the shoreline, and the huge cliff around which a dangerous road turn has been drawn…


Talking about danger. On Saturday, a terrifying incident took place at the foot of the cliff. A rather enormous rock detached itself from the cliff and fell right there on the road. Had anyone been at the wrong place at the wrong time during that incident, God knows what would have happened. The rock is large enough to have blocked the road. The authorities concerned were immediately called on spot to take the necessary measures. Rocks falling off from the cliff is something quite common in that region of the country. This occurs mostly during rainy seasons.


Picture courtesy defimedia.info


It goes without saying that this caused the inhabitants living nearby to express their fury. Road circulation had been disturbed. The road has been severely damaged. Moreover, they had previously requested for nets to be installed to the cliff to prevent this kind of happening. Officers of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and those of the Special Mobile Force had paid a visit to the site to evaluate the damage done and to make up with temporary reparation works. The road had had to be cleared from the debris and the cavity left by the rock was filled by the help of a crusher-run.

The re-asphalting of the road began today itself.

Well, Mauritius has been witnessing many cases of road damage this year, hasn’t it?!

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