Increase In Price of Vegetables in Mauritius Due to Heavy Rains

Humans are always complaining, about some thing or another. If the country is facing droughts, we complain. If the country is blessed with rain, we complain yet again. When we don’t have rain, we don’t have vegetation growing, and we complain. When we have rain, we do have vegetables, but they are available at an increased price. And, guess what? We complain again and again. Human nature, you say?!


The President of the Small Planters’ Welfare Fund, Kreepaloo Sunghoon, says that normally, at this time of the year, the price of tomatoes vary between Rs 25 and Rs 30. However, due to the heavy rains that have poured over the island recently, the price of tomatoes have increased to around Rs 40 to Rs 50. The price has practically doubled, leaving people complaining.

However, according to Kreepaloo Sunghoon, the situation will be more or less improved; according to him, the price will decrease back to around Rs 30 to Rs 35 in the next 2 weeks. He also added that this would probably be the case, provided we do not have torrential rains in the coming days. Well, we cannot mould nature to how we wish for it to be anyway. Let us hope we have beneficial rain.

Tomatoes are just an example. Other vegetables have had increased prices as well, like the patola and the bitter melon (‘margoz’. However, others like cucumber are still being sold at their usual price at Rs 10.


Winter is the ideal season for the growing of vegetables, because the weather conditions are less unfavourable. Hey, that’s yet another reason for us to await for winter!

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