Lottotech Mauritius To Start Selling Company Shares – Rs 10 Per Unit

The listing executive committee of the stock exchange of Mauritius has approved the quotation of 340 millions of shares of the Lottotech on the official market of the stock exchange. The price of the shares has been fixed at Rs 10 per unit. The first phase has been launched by the company organising the Mauritian lotto. No date has yet been fixed for the selling of the 340 shares. Lottotech is waiting for all the procedures to be done so as to take the process to the next level.


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The company has a turnover of more than Rs 11 billions. According to the statistics as said by the Chief Operating Officer of the Lottotech, Michelle Carinci, 67% of the adult population of both Mauritius and Rodrigues play regularly, gambling, for hopes of earning the jackpot. Most of us have given in to the alluring aura of the lotto, falling prey to it, and investing regularly with the aim to extract huge amounts of money.

Fending for our basic needs is what fuels us to go beyond our zone of comfort to earn our bread. We cannot live off the air that we breathe; we need to earn money – that piece of paper that some of us allow to have a sway on their lives. Working helps us get there. Well, some, though, prefer making money without furnishing efforts. That’s where the lottery system comes into play. Mauritians nowadays are getting obsessed with this way of making money the easy way.


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