Managing E-Waste In Mauritius

The past few decades have witnessed an increasing trend in the use of electronic and highly-advanced technological devices. Consequently, the bulk of electronic waste has shot up as well. E-waste has been increasing by 3-5 % per year, according to studies carried out by the European Union. According to the statistics, 7000 to 8000 tonnes of electronic waste are disposed of each year. As the wastes keep on accruing, the negative impacts on the environment will be felt more and more. Actions will have to be taken quickly in order to prevent the negative effects to permeate our environment.


In line with this, a national campaign will be launched in Mauritius in the near future to deal with the electronic waste accruing from household appliances. In the past, such projects had successfully resulted in the collection of 6,4 tonnes of batteries and around 2400 mobile phones.

The latter were sent to Europe, more specifically to France and Belgium, to be recycled. Recycling is the way to go for our modern world. Instead of dumping wastes which comes with repercussions on both the environment and our health, recycling them so that they can be put to use again is much more beneficial; with one action, many negative impacts are avoided. Wastage is not done, the environment is not made to ‘absorb’ what it cannot absorb, and, also, at the same time, we develop the culture of using and recycling and reusing amenities.

Now that the new campaign will be launched, it is expected that around 10000 mobile phones will be amassed.

The E-waste project has been conceived in line with the MID concept. In order to implement this, foreign expertise has been sought. The service of 3 experts will be provided by the European Union so that Mauritius benefits from the technical assistance that it needs. Managing the e-waste program requires an appropriate action plan and strategies. E-waste could be of potential hazards to both the environment and to our own health if it is not dealt with properly; hence the need for experts to gear Mauritius towards the right direction as to how to manipulate the e-waste in question.

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