Mauritian Bikini-Hunter on Facebook – Beware

Nowadays, if we do not write on our walls how our days and weeks have gone by, it means something is amiss. Oh, I mean the ‘facebook wall’. Whatever we do somehow finds their way to our social networking accounts: what we’ve done during the day, where we went shopping, what we ate, what we bought, with whom we’ve spent the day, pretty much just about everything. And, if you yourself don’t display your activities online, then, chances are somebody else is going to do it for you! Your friends and family, tagging you in pictures and other posts. Well, sometimes, it could also be strangers. STALKERS!



Recently, it has been brought to the attention of the public that someone has been gleaning pictures of Mauritian girls in bikini to later post them on Youtube. Who would have thought that someone actually has time to gather pictures of stranger girls and taking the pains to create videos displaying those pictures and uploading them on Youtube! No permission asked whatsoever. Some of the girls who appear in the video are not even aware of the issue going on.

The mystery guy has been saving pictures of the girls in bikini available on their facebook accounts, compiling them and making videos.



The guilty one has not yet been identified…

Each video made lasts for around 10 minutes. Uptil now, 10 videos have been posted since last December. They have, however, not had many views. But still, who would want to have their photos stolen from their own facebook account and have them being exposed in some random video on Youtube?!

Noone has yet filed complaints at the police station though, from what has been reported until now.

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