Mauritian Firms Ranking Among First Ten In The Top 500 List

The Eco Austral, the magazine featuring matters pertaining to economy of the Indian Ocean, has published its yearly list of the best 500 firms in the region – the top 500 of the Indian Ocean. Figuring among the best of the best are 4 of Mauritian firms: Food and Allied, GML, Ireland Blyth Ltd and Air Mauritius.

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The Mauritian company Food and Allied ranked 16th last year. Having made amazing improvements, it has now reached position 9. Its 3 counterparts, GML, Ireland Blyth LTD and Air Mauritius have also carved themselves a place among the top 10 of the top 500. Seems like Mauritius has shone a wee bit more than it is used to. Moreover, Food and Allied, a family enterprise, has paved the way for other such companies; it is, indeed, a great example to follow.

In a difficult economic context, 4 firms of Mauritius have managed to push their ways through to the best ten. Food and Allied has a turnover of 347 millions of euros, enough to make other companies in the region stall behind. Air Mauritius found a comfortable enough seat at position 6, with a turnover of 452 millions of euros. While Ireland Blyth Ltd has made it to position number 4, GML has toiled to figure amongst the best three, enjoying the prestigious 3rd place. The former has a turnover of 504.1 millions of euros while the latter is worth 697 millions of euros.

Ranking first and second are Vindemia and Bernard Hayot, with a turnover of 866 millions of euros and 785 millions of euros respectively.

The Top 500 list has also demonstrated how business dealing with fuels are highly profitable in the region. Telecommunication companies are also found to be working their way through into the rankings, specially in Reunion Island.

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