Mauritian Prime Minister Comments On Yashika’s Case

Yashika Bageerathi’s case has been on the lips of many; some sympathize with her, while others have been throwing harsh comments at her. Well, either way, her case has been the talk of the town in Mauritius and the UK.


Now that she’s back to the country, after years of absence, everyone is wondering as to what is going to follow; if anything is to happen, that is. Petitions signed to show support to her have been ignored; many have their voice to oppose her extradition, but, to no avail. The British authorities would not budge from their staunch position.

Paul Berenger, the Mauritian leader of the opposition party, had even brought this issue up to the Mauritian Prime Minister. In answer to his question, the latter made it clear that The State has no say in the matter that has, as it is, already been decided over by the British Government. Nothing can be done concerning the deportation of Yashika. He said that no statement to the police had been made concerning the attempt to rape either before the girl embarked to England nor after her recent extradition back to the country.

The Prime Minister of Mauritius further said that Yashika had never tried to contact the Mauritian authorities to ask for their help once she got to England. Following her arrival on the island last Thursday, she had been interrogated about the allegations that she had previously made about having been the victim of rape attempts. However, no one knows where she is currently. The police, though, is looking for the young girl in order to provide their help is need be.

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