Mauritius Opposes The Auction of Dodo Bones in UK

The dodo has long been the ultimate symbol of Mauritius. Our extinct endemic bird is famous all around the globe. So, now, the remains of the bones of the Dodo are being much sought after. When it was alive, the dodo was prized for its delicious meat. Not to mention the fact that it was pretty easy to hunt them down, since they were heavy and flightless, and thus, they could not escape from their human predators. And, now, centuries later, people are still after the dodo – to lay their hands, not on their necks this time, but on their bones.

Grant Museum of Zoology

Bones exhibited at the Grant Museum of Zoology

The bones of the Dodo are indeed extremely valued. They will soon be sold at auction in the United Kingdom. The current Minister of Arts and Culture, Mookhesswur Choonee, believes that Mauritius needs to have a say in this. Port-Louis has recently written to London to convey its opposition to the sales of the bones of the Dodo in UK. Mookhesswur Choonee, interviewed on Radio Plus yesterday, said that Mauritian authorities wish to know all about the bones that were sent to England. Has the law been respected? When were these bones sent to UK? Questions that the Minister wants to have answered.

Sadly enough, many species only become famous after they’ve gone extinct. Albeit, this could also be a sign that we should be furnishing more efforts to preserve the endangered ones…

Around 10 museums in the world have the dodo skeleton. However, most of them are composites. To privately own dodo remains is considered to be something prestigious. A bird extinct since centuries, endemic of a little island lost in the Indian Ocean, now having few bones left – what more could those interested in remains of extinct animals ask for? Rare relics have always had that appeal to them that made people come after them, no matter where they are in the world. Our dodo is no exception.

National Museum of Prague

Bones exhibited at the National Museum of Prague

The bones of the dodo to be sold for £30 000 at auction comprise those of the leg and pelvis of the bird. The remains were first discovered in 1886, and ever since 1934, this sale marks the first time that the bones of the dodo will be sold. Potential buyers will marvel at this golden and rare opportunity that has presented itself to them. Most of the remains of the extinct bird are preserved in museums. Only 3 people in the whole wide world possess their own dodo bones. One of them is the seller that has proclaimed the auction. It is also worth mentioning that a piece of the femur of the bird had previously been sold at £8000 at auction in London some time back.


  • The Dodo was native to Mauritius and the bones should go back there. The bones should have never been in the UK and they should have never been auctioned.

  • The Skeleton belongs to Mauritius, absolutely no doubt about it.
    Let’s hope the buyer, will send the skeleton back to Mauritius.

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