Michaela Harte’s Husband Refuses Rs 81.6 Million From Lux Hotel

Since the death of the Irish woman, Michaela Harte, in 2011, her case had created quite a buzz in Mauritius, and even across international newspapers. A tourist coming from Ireland, probably wishing to spend some amazing time on what is praised as the paradise island, found dead in her hotel room – the affair had outraged her family members all the way back to Ireland. Michaela Harte was on honeymoon on the island, and she was found dead in the bathroom of the hotel room in which she was residing. The court case had been going on since.


Recently, a senior member of the Mauritian chain of hotels in one of which – previously known as the Legends, and now going by the name of the Lux Grand Gaube – the murder of Michaela Harte was perpetrated had offered to pay a huge amount of money to the husband of the woman, the football payer John McAreavey, as compensation for her loss of life on the island. John MacAreavey, however, declined the offer made to him – he refrained from accepting the 1,6 millions of pound sterling, amounting to Rs 81,6 millions.

It has been reported in the Herald that a senior member of the hotel resorts had been discussing with John McAreavey. The Harte and McAreavey families say that they intend to return to Mauritius for the court case that has been going on.

The hotel group Lux refrained from making any comments on the matter. As for the legal team of John McAreavey in Mauritius, they say that they know nothing of whatever negotiations between Michaela’s husband and the hotel group.

Who killed Michaela Harte? We still don’t know the answer. Worth mentioning that DNA test made by a forensic expert from England revealed that NO DNA TRACES of the two Mauritians initially accused in this case and the other two original suspects were found on Michaela McAreavey body and at the crime scene except the DNA of John McAreavey (reference).

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