Minister of Education Wishing To Implement Mixed Gender Schools in Mauritius

Mixed schools. The dream of many, many students. Why, most do not like the idea of the gender segregation concept at school. Well, the Minister Vasant Bunwaree is of the same opinion. The Minister of education wishes to implement the system of coeducation in all of the island’s secondary educational institutions. Around 50% of the private colleges are mixed, with both genders attending the school. The Minister says that this type of set-up has yielded good results over time. even the 6 schools in Rodrigues have students of both genders working together.

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He is seriously considering to turn all colleges, private and public, into mixed schools. The nine-year schooling concept would fit in really well with the mixed gender system. He has also said that the confessional schools would have the choice between having both genders or restricting the school make up to one gender only. However, recently, 4 such colleges have opted for the system of coeducation.

What are the arguments put forward by Vasant Bunwaree? He stated that this will allow for a gentle transition from the primary school cycle to the secondary one. Having evolved in an environment with both genders studying together, according to him, implies that keeping the same background for secondary level is the right choice.

Many private secondary institutions are mixed schools. The same goes for some of the state schools like Mahatma Gandhi Institute and its various branches found all around the island. Out of the 155 colleges, 107 go by the single gender rule, while 48 are have both male and female students studying under the same roof and platform.

Both systems have their advantages and drawbacks. If you had to spare a vote for either, which one would you choose?

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