More STRINGENT Fines For Carbon Dioxide Emission By Vehicles in Mauritius

With the issue of global warming hovering over our heads since as long as can be remembered, the authorities concerned have come up with various measures to cut down the effects: massive planting of trees have been initiated worldwide, restrictions were made on carbon-emitting devices and other such entities to reduce the carbon footprint we’re leaving behind, fines were made to be paid for those not complying to the regulations, just to mention a few. In line with this, the Ministry of Environment has decided to formulate new regulations to keep the carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles in check.


The fine to which drivers of vehicles emitting carbon dioxide at a rate higher than the norm will be increased. This is going to be implemented by the measuring of the percentage of the carbon dioxide being emitted: if the smoke contains more than 50% of the gas, the fine will be issued at Rs 10 000. Currently, it is at Rs 1000 if the percentage is beyond 70%. Well, that is pretty much an impressive rocketing of the fine!

The regulations have indeed been made more stringent. The owners of such vehicles will not have the right to drive them until the appropriate reparations have been made and a fitness exam has been done to evaluate the vehicles’ condition.


The newly-drafted regulations have been made ready and the necessary steps that followed have been completed by the State Law Office. One of the aims of this is for our island to figure among the countries with the purest atmosphere. It is noteworthy to add that Mauritius had ranked 2nd in the air quality index made public by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

From the beginning of this year to now, 60 owners of the overly polluting vehicles have been subject to payment of fines, and 27 of them have been banned from driving their vehicles on the road. Yet some 140 vehicles have been banned temporarily off the road by the police of environment.

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