Number of Credits Needed To Be Promoted To HSC Decreases Further

What do you think are the minimum requirements to be promoted to HSC classes? 6 credits? 5? 4, maybe? Well, many students have climbed the educational ladder with 3 credits from the SC exams. Many do not agree with this system that allows students with only 3 credits to be admitted in Lower VI classes. How fair is this? Does this mean that the students would not be able to cope with higher classes?


According to the MES, out of the 7000+ students having successfully passed the HSC exams, 308 had only 3 credits at the SC level. An additional 308 students had obtained their GCE ‘A’ Level with only 3 credits at SC. The stats are highly encouraging, or so it seems. Another 269 students with only 5 credits at SC had passed the GCE ‘A’ Level. However, some teachers still do not think that allowing 3-credits-students to be promoted to upper classes is a sound and wise decision.

According to the teachers showing opposition to this system, a student needs to be armed with an adequate level of competence to embark on the last phase of secondary education.

One of them said that the 3 credits should at least have been earned in subjects to be taken as main subjects. They say the students with only 3 credits at SC exams will most probably encounter difficulties to get a job in the future. As for Yahya Paraooty, teacher and president of the Union of Pivate Secondary School Employees (UPSEE), he thinks that students need to develop the consciousness that SC and HSC are poles apart.

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