Pamplemousses Botanical Garden Selling Baby Tortoises

According to the statistics as given by the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses, around 60 tortoises are born each year. The baby-tortoises need great maintenance: food, care and, most of all, space to thrive. And, when this is lacking… They are put to sale!


Because of the high number of baby tortoises coupled with the current lack of space in the garden, the management personnel has decided to sell some of the reptiles. Actually, 11 baby tortoises have been put up for sale, at Rs 5000 each. They are all fifteen months old. They are still really small, fitting in one’s palm: 6-8 cm long and 6-9 cm wide. Also, the enclosed pens which are available at the garden are not well-adapted for the little ones. All the reasons seem to have united to justify the sales of the tortoises.

In the past, the public had expressed their wish to buy some of the tortoises. This request has now been exploited for the good of all.

Once this set of 11 tortoises are sold, yet others will be sold in around 2 months, according to the plan. Oh, many will be elated at this news. Aren’t baby tortoises of the cutest pets ever?!

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