dead people

Police Investigating Transfer of Dead Bodies From Homes To SSR Medical School

At the beginning of this week, we had reported that the police had been at the SSR Medical College at Belle-Rive to investigate into the affair of the transfer of dead bodies from homes to the medical institution. How legal is that? As we had mentioned before, no law actually stipulates a clear ruling on this topic itself. The police investigations are ongoing though, to look into the matter to know whether or not the procedures to be followed have been respected or not.

dead people

To start off, the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) has drawn a list of the names of the people who died in all of the homes and shelters all across the island. The purpose is to determine how many of the corpses have been handed over to medical institutions. The death certificates of the people have been examined to verify whether the authorities concerned have adhered to the procedures required.

According to the regulations, the families of the deceased person has to be notified of the latter’s death, and they have 6 months to claim the dead body. The Ministry of Health has been asked to assist in the investigations by clarifying the agreement (if any) that has been made allowing medical institutions like the SSR Medical College to take possession of bodies which are not claimed by the families of the deceased from public hospitals and homes and shelters.

As a consequence, the Ministry of Social Security has proclaimed its intention to pay visits to homes and shelter in order to ensure that the laws concerning the management of dead bodies are respected and adhered to.

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