Pom Pom Girls For US Marines At Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia forms part of the Chagos Archipelago, which is a group of islands found in the Indian Ocean. The island, being the only one inhabited of the groups of island, is equipped with a military base set up by the US to host army activities. Access to the island is very much restricted, but thanks to some videos posted on the internet by some of the army guys, we now have a glimpse of how they chill out on the island. A wide variety of images have been displayed, ranging from the showing off of the beauty and the rich fauna of the island to the unconventional activities of the soldiers.

cheerleaders at diego garcia base

The videos provided images of the Turtle Cove, with the sea turtles, crabs, fish and other entities of the marine life, characteristic of the typical tropical island. Many more videos have been uploaded that give us some idea of the lifestyle there. Houses and the ruins of a church have been shown in another video.

Soldiers giving themselves their regular training exercises, and yet others fishing in the lagoons have been pictured in the videos. The activity that has received the most public attention is undoubtedly the visit of a team of ‘cheerleaders’ on the island in 2011. The NFL cheerleaders had been ‘invited’ on the island to entertain the army members. This occurred 3 years ago, and it is still an issue that retains the attention of the people.

diego garcia hot babes

cheerleaders at diego garcia

The group of 8 girls even did some dance items to entertain the soldiers. Well, well, each has his own definition of entertainment.

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