Price of Sugar in Mauritius Finally Increases – Rs 2.70 to Rs 3.70 Per Kg

Remember a while ago, we were saying that the sugar price was going to increase? Well, from today onwards, the tax to be paid on the imported sugar has officially increased from Rs 2.70 to Rs 3.70 per kg. The new regulation was supposed to be put in force on the 27th of last month after the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority Act was amended, but then, it was later decided that the importers needed to be given an adequate amount of time for them to review their prices and adjust them accordingly. After having been given an additional week or so to review everything, the increase in the tax is now official.


As was said previously, the tax was increased so as to finance the pensions of the old dockers of the Bulk Sugar Terminal (BST). The additional money would be added up to the sum total of the pension given out to the ex-workers of the BST.

As the cost of life increases, the need to make both ends meet becomes more painstaking to satisfy. So, in line with this, the pension of the ex-dockers has had to be increased.

Others have attempted to explain the increase otherwise. They say that the increase in price is due to the recent decrease in local consumption of sugar compared with some years ago. Mauritians have been consuming less sugar? Well, that’s what the statistics gleaned suggest. Some years back, around 40 000 tonnes of sugar was consumed in the country. This number has plummeted to around 36 000 tonnes of sugar per year now. Well, well, maybe the Mauritian population is growing more health-conscious?

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