Recent Tombs Desecration in Mauritius Urging People To Consider Incineration

The desecration of tombs that has occurred more than once at the cemetery of Bois-Marchand in Mauritius has outraged us all, and rightly so. The dead, left in their new abode, are at the mercy of thugs who pillage their tombs, taking what they can of valuables, such as iron making up their coffins, or jewelry adorning the dead. This has greatly worried Mauritians, specially those who were most affected by the crimes being perpetrated at Bois-Marchand; the Mauritians of Chinese community.


The situation has degenerated so much that some are seriously considering incineration as a way of disposing of the dead bodies, instead of burial. According to them, incineration is ‘safer’. At least, the remains of the corpses will not be accessible to tomb raiders. The cemetery of Nam Shun at Les Salines will probably get a new incinerator installed on the premises. The President of the society Heen Foh Lee Kwon, Ah Men Lim Fat, said that this method has been adopted in both China and Hong Kong. He also said that many are showing their interest in the method of incineration because of the recent pillaged tomb cases that have occurred.

Those of Buddhist faith currently go for incineration. As for the majority of Mauritian from the Chinese community, which are of Catholic faith, incineration is not forbidden. In the view of Ah Men Lim Fat, Mauritius are now more open-minded as compared to some years ago. He has been requested by many to set up a spot to keep the cinerary urns. The pagoda Kwan Ping found near the roundabout of Caudan has been considered for this purpose.


A Cinerary Urn

Following along, Philippe Fok Kan, President of the Nam Shun society, has proclaimed that the installation of an incinerator at the Nam Shun cemetery is being considered. They are still weighing the implications, but it is highly probable that they will go for the project. The lack of space in cemeteries is another factor that is making the idea of incineration more appealing. The Nam Shun cemetery, for one, is filled up to 99% of its capacity already. Philippe is also considering the option of requesting financial help from the State since incinerators cost quite a lot. The building of a columbarium to shelter the cinerary urns is also being considered. This would be open to Mauritians of all faiths, if it were to be built, that is.


 Picture showing a columbarium

The dead are being harassed by cruel criminals. This situation has exacerbated so much that families are now seriously thinking of incineration as the ‘safer’ method of disposal of the dead bodies. Seriously, what is the matter with some Mauritians aka tomb raiders that they are the cause for such drastic measures?!

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