Retreat Of Mauritius Pride Causing More Problems For Rodrigues

Ever since the ship Mauritius Pride has been on retreat, it is the Mauritius Trochetia that has been assigned with the task to travel to and from Rodrigues. This situation has been alarming the people in Rodrigues as a whole, but specially so for the traders. Many have expressed their disapproval to the unexpected retreat of Mauritius Pride.


Now, another issue has cropped up that has been worrying the people. The ship Mauritius Trochetia was supposed to leave Mauritius on the 7th of April to arrive at Rodrigues on the 9th, that is, next Wednesday. However, at the last minute, the schedule was changed, and the ship arrived at Rodrigues today morning. This has been the cause of quite a predicament for various traders in Rodrigues. Having not been informed of this modification in the time table of the ship, some traders did not yet place their orders for many a commodity, among which features diapers for babies.

As a result, many commodities are going to be in a smaller amount than usual. Who are going to pay the price for that?! Consumers, of course!

Since some weeks now, Mauritius Trochetia has been the only ship to be making the Mauritius-Rodrigues journey. This already limited the opportunities of the Rodrigues population. Now adding to this restriction that was imposed on them, they now have to deal with modifications in schedule that impacts negatively on the lives of the population as a whole.

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The list of constraints has, as if, only been extending itself ever since this situation cropped up. Another serious problem is that animals would not be as easily transported as it used to be. Previously, four-legged animals would be transported in cattle pens which had been made from the regular containers. However, the Mauritius Trochetia is not equipped to transport animals on board the vessel.

Since January, the retreat of the Mauritius Pride has been the subject of many a debate. And up to now, many questions are still unanswered. Why did Mauritius Pride stop making its usual journeys when its fitness certificate expires only in July? What would happen if Mauritius Trochetia were unable to make the usual journey?

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