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Save Energy Campaign in Mauritius By EEMO

The Energy Efficiency Management Office (EEMO) has initiated a project to conserve energy. It has as aim to sensitise the population about energy efficiency so as to prevent wastage of energy. The campaign, going by the name of Energy Efficiency Awareness Campaign, has already started off: it’s all over the radio and television channels, and posters have been plastered on buses and on the streets. The EEMO is presided over by Khalil Elahee who is also an expert on energy.

save energy funny

To assist their project, the EEMO have sought the expertise of a communications company. They have focused their efforts on increasing awareness about the domestic uses of energy, as well as on the transport sector’s use of energy. According to Khalil Elahee, this campaign could potentially cause a shift in the mindset of Mauritians such that the latter adopt good habits of conserving energy.

To enlist the participation of youngsters who are the adults of tomorrow, competitions have been organised in school in this regard, to trigger young students to educate themselves about the benefits of using energy efficiently. Additionally, pamphlets are to be distributed to the students. Conferences in community centers will also be organised so as to target more and more people.

The sensitisation programs include explanations of the implications of conserving energy. A great emphasis is being laid on the aspect of saving money. A better management of energy will, undoubtedly, save much money. Furthermore, it is of a great advantage to the environment as well. The public is being pushed to glean more knowledge on the topic of saving energy.

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