Ship Mauritius Pride To Be Acquired By Private Company Soon

Some weeks ago, it was announced that the ship Mauritius Pride would cease to make journeys. It has been in the port since then, on retreat, which has been considered to be of quite a hassle to many. A peaceful march had even been organised to show opposition to this. The Rodrigues population says that their daily routines have been greatly disrupted due to this unexpected decision.


What was to happen to the ship? A question on the lips of many; question which noone could answer. Until now. It has been reported that a private company has shown interest in making the colossal acquisition of the ship. The said private firm has also already contacted the Mauritius Shipping Corporation (MSC) to visit the ship.

The ship had been operational since August 1990. Its certificate of seaworthiness would only expire in July of this year. It has been said that the ship had known many technical problems before it was decided for it to stop making its usual journeys. A report prepared by the technicians of the MSC was sent to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, and from then on, the official decisions were made concerning the retreat of the ship.

The retreat of the Mauritius Pride has resulted in Mauritius Trochetia being the only ship making the journeys from Mauritius to Rodrigues. Meanwhile, the MSC has said that it has invested around Rs 4 millions already for salaries of the personnel and for the maintenance of the ship. The MSC hence wishes for the Government to come up with a final decision concerning the ship as soon as possible.

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