Study By UOM Professor Exposes Data On Alcoholics In Mauritius

Our contemporary society seems to be ravaged by a whole plethora of social evils – from rebellious teenagers, smoking, domestic violence to teen pregnancy, and the list extends beyond the imagination. Another one that has been plaguing our social fabric is alcoholism.


The abuse of alcohol comes with consequences. The negative impacts on the economy and on society at large are now being felt more severely, specially so that 75% of people who consume alcohol stated that the first time they tried it out was on reaching the age of 20.

Some others began even earlier, at the age of 14. Teen impulses, you say? What causes people to take to alcohol till they can no longer control their thirst for it? Is it about the teenage rebellious period, which does not seem to end even upon hitting the 20s?! According to the study, 60% of the alcoholics drink because they view it as a way of escaping stressful lives. 81% do it as entertainment; to have fun and to relax themselves. And, what would we say of the 68% who do it just to get drunk?!


Who are they?

58% do so at their place of work, while another 41% prefer drinking before going to work. The alcoholics are mostly in the age range of 36 to 40. It is also noteworthy to add that 42% of the subjects interviewed reached only the primary schooling level.

Well, the selling of alcoholic drinks is quite a lucrative business. In 2013, 52.4 millions of litres of alcoholic drinks were consumed by Mauritians.

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