The Desecration of Tombs At Bois-Marchand Cemetery Continues

The tomb raider mission has yielded yet another episode (if you missed the first report, read more here). Yesterday, it was discovered that more tombs have been pillaged at the same cemetery that had been visited by our so-called tomb raiders some days back – the cemetery of Bois-Marchand. Last time, they had opened up the coffins and taken whatever they could of metals and the likes, leaving the remains of the corpses, including the bones, all around the place.

Now, another family has found out that the tomb of one of their dead family members has been desecrated. The body was left to itself, on the ground, without any mercy. Disrespecting the dead for the sake of iron. What is the matter with Mauritians nowadays? Criminals have always existed, true. But, since a while now, more and more bizarre incidents, punctuated with cruelty and disregard to others, have been demonstrating the degradation of values that is undermining our social fabric. Some have been chopping alive people into pieces with grinders, and dispersing the body parts. And, the dead have not been spared; even pieces of the resting bodies in sealed coffins are being scattered all around.

Ever since the first cases of tomb desecreation at Bois-Marchand cemerery had been notified, many more people have been complaining to the police of similar happenings. 6 persons have been arrested up to now; the group includes minors. And, now, the recent cases show that, most probably, a whole network of iron stealers of tombs has been set up.

The families of the ‘victims’ are outraged at such happenings. They demand that proper action is taken. And, how right are they! This situation cannot and should not be tolerated.

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  • Firstly, this despicable behaviour has to be condemned by all Mauritians. As we all know, Mauritius is spiraling out of control. Even since SAJ & PRB abolished the death penalty in the dying days of their government, Mauritians have been suffering the consequences.

    For many years the ‘Qabarastaan’ (cemetery) in Riche Terre has been suffering from the same sacrilege, due primarily to theft. Even though a police station is literally down the road, these desecrations continue.

    The politicians and police have failed us. This recent nauseating episode of Mauritius’s downward slide, will be yet another reason for many decent Mauritians to consider taking the law in to their own hands.

    The politicians and police have failed us.

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