Toxic Gas Leaks At St-Pierre

St Pierre has been in a state of alarm since today morning. Leaks of a said toxic gas have brought firemen, police officers and other concerned authorities to St Pierre, in order to take necessary precautions. From what has been reported so far, the gas comes from the factory Desbro Trading Limited which is situated at Moka.



The authorities have been informed of the gas leak as early as 8 in the morning today. Investigations are ongoing.



Uptil now, around 500 people have been evacuated from the area of St Pierre affected by the leakages. More than 10 people have had to be transported to the hospital in ambulances because of health problems caused by the gas leaks. Having inhaled the toxic gas, the people have experienced health issues, for which they would be cared for at the hospital.

Thankfully, the situation has been brought under control. The gas cannister that was the cause behind the release of chlorine gas has been identified and it has been put in an underground tank, away from the atmosphere. There is still some emission though, since the cannister was a 6000 L one.

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