Toyota Recalls Some Yaris, RAV 4 and Corolla Models – Mauritius Concerned.

Last February, the Japanese automaker, Toyota, had made a recall of all the Prius model cars from all over the world. Now, again, the company has proclaimed an even greater recall of more than 6 millions vehicles across the globe. Around 27 models of cars have undergone some technical problems. After the company has been notified of many such cases, it decided to make a recall yet again. Some of the models falling under the recall are Citadine Yaris, the SUV RAV4 and Corolla.


The different car models all have been subject to different kinds of faults, from airbags defects to seat defects. The spiral cable of the airbag have found to be faulty, such that the airbag would not be fed with electricity which will, as a consequence, prevent it from functioning in case it has to be used. Seat locking is yet another problem having been encountered.

According to Zaid Ameer, the President of the Imported Vehicles Dealers Association, cars having been made as far back as in 2011 – namely 2 models of Toyota NZE – figure in the list of the vehicles to be recalled. At least 500 vehicles from Mauritius would probably be recalled.

The maintenance servicing will be done by a representative of the company in Mauritius. However, nothing has been communicated from the Japanese company to the representative of Toyota on the island. The vehicles that will be recalled will undergo further inspection, and if the need arises, the faulty parts will be replaced.

The company also says that, uptil now, it has not been notified of any car crash, car accident, or any other casualty caused by the faults in the make-up of the vehicles.

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