Webcup 2014 – Create A Non-Noobish Website in 24 Hours

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology together with a number of organisations representative of the ICT sector in Mauritius are currently organising a competition called the Webcup. The aim is to exploit the talents budding off in the field of web design/development in Mauritius. The event is the ideal meet-up meant to bring together the web designers from all around the island. Organisations like the OTAM have lent their participation to the concretisation of this project.



The competition is open to both amateurs and professionals in the field. The challenge is to mount a website in 24 hours non-stop. This will be held on the 7th and 8th of June – the first weekend of the month. The official announcement will be made on the 24th of April at the Ministry of ICT at Port-Louis. The Webcup will bring in many countries together, namely Réunion Island, the Seychelles, the Comoros, Madagascar, Mayotte, Guadeloupe and the Martinique.

The competition therefore also enlists regional cooperation which has been adopted in the action plan of the ICT sector of the Indian Ocean.

The competition was organised last year as well. It had the mostly the same theme; a 24-hour web-design competition. It was first initiated by the Webcup of Reunion Island. Last year’s event was the first one held in Mauritius. The event took place at Ebene, in the Conference Room of Cyber Tower I.

However, many participants of last year’s competition had many a complaint against the organising committee. According to them, they were left to figure things out by themselves, and they even had to do the presentation of the website they created on a 800×600 projector which was considered to be inadequate since the projector could not give justice to their hardwork.  Let us hope this year’s event goes smoothly and that participants will be properly informed of the real expectations of the competition.

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