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Machetes Attack at Wooton Indian Oil Fuelling Station

An Indian Oil fuelling station near Wooton has been attacked by men armed with machetes last night at around 18h45. Grinders and machetes have been the favorite weapons of Mauritian criminals these days. Some would perpetrate armed-thefts… Others would chop into pieces their spouses. And, yet others would cut off speed cameras that dared took their pictures! This year is indeed the year of grinders & machetes for thieves. Easily accessible weapons, what can we expect?!

indian oil mauritius

Sanjeev Jankee, the owner of the filling station of Indian Oil at Wooton, related his terrible ordeal. He was with an employee in the petrol station late in the evening of Sunday. 3 men, wearing face masks, arrived at the service station and threatened Sanjeev and his employee. Their lives menaced under machetes, the men had no choice but to comply to the demands of their aggressors. The looters succeeded in laying their hands on a huge sum of money; a total of Rs 60 000.

However, Sanjeev and his employee retaliated almost immediately. The employee, trying to defend himself, pounced on one of the criminals, and disarmed the latter, who got wounded during the struggle. As for the owner of the filling station, he sustained an injury in the foot.

It is not the first time that Sanjeev has been looted. Last evening marks the 3rd time in an interval as short as 4 months that he has been robbed. The 2 previous incidents occurred on the 16th of March and on the 23rd of last December respectively. This 3rd case has left him bewildered. He reported the crime to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Eau-Coulée.

Meanwhile, the CCI is working on this case, trying to get on the trails of the 3 men. Their images have been captured in security cameras. Hopefully, they will be arrested soon.

This has happened thrice already, to the same man. Shouldn’t we get alarmed? Filling stations are the ideal spots for looters: isolated along the motorway, easily accessible, with no law-enforcing officer around, and the employees have practically nothing to protect themselves but armed robbery. Shouldn’t measures of protection be enforced? Isn’t it time yet for the laws to be made more strict?

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