Yashika To Be Finally Deported To Mauritius Today

Yashika Bageerathi has been deported back to the country; the judge of the London Court has finally decided once and for all. In a late-night communiqué yesterday, Air Mauritius said that it has had no choice but to fly the teenager back to the country. It received an injunction from the British authorities for the extradition of Yashika. Airline companies can only comply to the directives of higher authorities.


Yashika took the flight yesterday, from London, at 21:00 (London time). She will arrive in Mauritius at around 12h30. Air Mauritius had not previously accepted Yashika onboard because the administrative and security conditions had not been met. Once these conditions had been fulfilled, it was compelled to abide by the injunctions of the British authorities.

Before leaving for Mauritius, Yashika has been reported to have talked to her mother over the phone. She was asking her mother as to what was she to do on arriving at the airport of Mauritius. The conversation between mother and daughter has even been recorded.

Yashika says she is to have her exams in one and a half month’s time. She had wanted to be allowed to go through the exams, and then, she would leave the country with her family after that. The Home Office, however, said that she would be able to complete her studies in Mauritius itself.

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