109 Gold and Silver Ingots (Bars) Seized at Ebene After 999 Call

The police apprehended individuals in possession of a huge number of gold and silver ingots. A phone call was all it took to lead the police force on the premises where suspicious activities were witnessed.


There is this appeal that gold has, that very few other valuable metals could possibly rival; or maybe none can. Humans have this attraction to all that shines, can they help it?! However, being in possession of more than enough gold and silver would undoubtedly attract others’ eyes as well! That is how the suspects were discovered…




The story goes as follows. Someone dialled 999 to report a suspicious and mysterious incident occurring at Ebene. Having received the phone call, the police wound up at Ebene near the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank to discover two vehicles that corresponded to descriptions of some suspicious activity. When they investigated into the matter, they discovered 55 ingots of gold and 54 of silver hidden in one of the two vehicles.

The gold and silver ingots as well as the vehicles have been taken into the custody of the police, while the drivers of the two vehicles, one of them being a woman and the other a man, have been interrogated.

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