Abandoned Trianon Centrepoint Acquired For About Rs 225 Million

Some time back, everyone was wondering as to what is to become of the construction of the Trianon Centrepoint. The building up of the shopping centre had started off and work was progressing swiftly, until one day, everything paused. The construction works were put to a halt, and from then on, we heard nothing of any progression to be made. Recently, though, it has been proclaimed that a new stakeholder has made the acquisition of the shopping center.


The name of the new owner of the Trianon Centrepoint will be made known soon enough. The amount for which the sale of the property was done is unknown, but according to a reliable source, it should not have exceeded Rs 225 millions.

Now, what will happen to the Trianon Centrepoint? Will the project go along the same lines as it was initially meant to follow? Or, will the new owner come up with a new project? The region of Trianon has been the favourite site of many nowadays; maybe the owner will opt for a whole new building, with a new purpose?

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