Absenteeism In Mauritius Colleges – Detention Classes And More Coming Up!

Students since time immemorial have complained of the hassle of having to go to school early in the morning. The appeal to just remain at home and not travel to school is just so enticing – explains the high rate of absenteeism in colleges all around the island. The Mauritian Ministry of Education, however, wishes to put a stop to this trend.


At the beginning of this month, the Ministry of Education proclaimed that it is soon going to implement measures to tackle the problem of absenteeism in secondary schools. Indiscipline, absenteeism and the management of colleges have been discussed by the authorities – a committee has been set up to deal with what they consider to be in pressing need to be rectified. Measures to deal with these problems at the levels of secondary schools have to be implemented as soon as possible to prevent further degradation of the situation.

Teachers nowadays complain more and more about the high rate of absenteeism among students, and not to mention the lack of discipline which seems to reign in many schools. As part of the first steps to deal with this, the ministry will see to it that teams will be dispatched to inspect the situation at schools. To control the absences of students, a special office will be set up to better gather the data which will then be relayed to the ministry to store in their databases.

Why keeping these records?

The purpose would be to leave an imprint on the Leaving Certificate of students – those who are consistently absent from school will have their School Leaving Certificate bear mention of it. Who would want to have such a bad remark? Uh-oh.


Also, the rectors of colleges will be empowered so as to severely sanction every undisciplined student: disciplinary committees will be set up and detention classes will be set up as punishment for those who do not respect the rules and regulations.

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