Boat Accident At Flic en Flac Yesterday – Skipper Was Drunk

Yesterday, amidst the heavy waves at Flic en Flac, a boat, carrying a number of tourists, got overturned…


The meteorological station of Vacoas had issued a heavy swell warning yesterday. By yesterday afternoon, the waves were already forming to be ready to crash against our shores by night. Outings at sea, specially in the south and west of the island, were highly discouraged. What about those who had gone out at sea early enough to have lunch on one of our beautiful islets? Uh-oh. A boat which was returning from an islet at around 15h45 got capsized at Flic en Flac, projecting the people into the ocean.

The boat had fourteen tourists onboard, of whom two were kids. A pregnant woman was also travelling with them. They were out at sea when the boat was overturned by the strong waves. The passengers on board were swiftly rescued though. However, six of them have had to seek medical assistance in a private clinic after the incident. They were injured by sea urchins, either when they were trying to get back onto the boat or when they actually brushed against them on corals. The pregnant woman was consulted by a gynaecologist. Also, one of them had had to be put under general anaesthetic to remove the spines of the sea urchins from his body.

The incident occurred most probably because of the strong waves. However, to complicate matters further, the skipper is said to have been drunk. When the latter was tested for alcohol, positive results were obtained. The skipper was then charged with “operating a pleasure craft under influence of alcohol”. Drinking coupled with heavy swells sure make for disastrous consequences! That’s why they say “don’t drink and drive” – that includes boats as well.

Meanwhile, the National Coast Guard team is looking into the matter to determine the real cause of the accident.

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