Construction Works At Macondé – Filling of The Sea

After the damage done by the rock falling off the cliff at Macondé, the authorities deemed it primordial to block access to the road to vehicles. Meanwhile, construction works are being done to repair the road as soon as possible. The sea is going to be filled to accommodate for a larger road.


The road at Macondé has been closed for a month now, after the incident whereby a huge rock from the cliff fell onto the road, causing some serious damage. The road was hence blocked to vehicles so that reparation works could proceed and, also, to prevent any accident from happening. Inhabitants of the region who would otherwise have to pass by the road to travel to other regions of the island for work and other purposes had shuttles at their disposition to get to Le Morne and other nearby places without being charged with the transport fee.  The construction firm responsible for the work is trying to accelerate the pace of the construction works.

The Road Development Authority (RDA) decided to collaborate with the firm Transinvest. The work contract was agreed on Rs 65 millions, taken from a fund which had been set up for emergency cases. Transinvest has, in turn,  made a subcontract with the firm Colas to carry out certain operations. In this way, the works will proceed at a pace fast enough. The works are expected to end in three months’ time.

The construction works

The road will be enlarged by around 7 meters over a distance of 200 meters uptil the viewpoint of Macondé. To achieve this goal, the sea will have to be filled; the preliminary works for this purpose have already started. At the foot of the cliff, a restricted zone will be demarcated in case other rocks fall off the cliff.

Not everyone is satisfied with the current state of affairs though. A deputy of the MMM, Josique Radegonde-Haines, says that the authorities should have made the necessary tests in the sea water prior to start off the works. She also deplored the fact that the authorities have not forbidden access to the road by pedestrians who are in danger of having other rocks falling onto them. To back up her claims, she showed photographs of another rock threatening to fall off, as it is seen to have shifted slightly from its original position.

The inhabitants as well have expressed their complaints that the works on the construction site are not well-planned.

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