Counterfeit Products Worth Rs 3 Millions Destroyed By The MRA

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has destroyed around 580 000 counterfeit articles at the Lux Shed at Mer Rouge yesterday. Products worth Rs 3 millions. Yep, that is a lot. The MRA got hold of the goods and had them destroyed.

These products had been brought into the country, infringing upon the Intellectual Property Rights Regulations. The products ranged from a Rolex watch (fake one), 500 washing machine powders, sports shoes, school bags, laptop bags, and clothes like polo shirts, t-shirts and pants.

All of these goodies, now useless. The rest of them will be brought to the dumping ground of Mare-Chicose on Friday 9th of May. Some will be exported for recycling, like ink cartridges.

And anyone is thinking about “donation”?

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