CPE Exams 2014: Possible Extension of the Exam Over 5 Days Instead of 4

Decisions to be taken concerning the CPE exams of this year are under the pipeline. Officials from the Ministry of Education and the authorities concerned met up to discuss what has to be decided. Initially, 4 days had been scheduled for the examinations. Now, with new decision coming up, changes are going to be made.



Instead of 4 days, extending the exams over a period of 5 days has been suggested by the ministry. However, the syndicate inclines to another number – 3. According to the syndicate, cramming the examinations into 3 days would be the ideal. The purpose of decreasing the number of days would be to decrease the pressure and the costs at the same time.

Many issues have to be taken into consideration. For instance, Divali will be celebrated on the 23rd of October. Therefore, the CPE examinations will have to be scheduled before that. The authorities have proposed the date to be the 13th of October. The mathematics paper would  ideally be the last paper. For resit papers, the 19th has been suggested. Results for the examinations will be proclaimed by the 5th of December, or a day before.

Next week, another meeting regrouping the decision-makers will occur, whereby the final decisions will be made.

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