Elderly Man Severely Injured As A Result of A Bee Attack At Petit-Verger

You’ve heard the news on all local radios. Several people were attacked by bees after a huge tree was felled down at Petit-Verger. The bees escaped from a beehive which was probably settled on one of the tree branches and stung passers-by, including an elderly man with physical disability who was the most affected.

Angry Bees At Petit-Verger

Bees are one of those creatures which are characterized by their doubled-sword nature. On one hand, they are the highly acclaimed manufacturers of one of the sweetest of foods, honey, while on the other hand, they sometimes sting like nothing else. Those capable of being the sweetest of all can also sting the worst, right? (This applies not only to bees, huh.) Tiny insects when it comes to size, bees come with huge implications and enormous effects. Ten persons have thus learned this the hard way last week when they got severely stung by bees at Petit-Verger.

It all began when some men set out to fell a huge tree in Petit-Verger. Little did they know that the tree was home for a beehive. The moment the tree was chopped down, the men were attacked by the bees which most probably felt threatened and, thus went on mode attack as their house was pulled down. One of those who had to face the fury of the bees was an old man with physical disability. He sustained many injuries. He is currently in quite a critical condition. Some of the men in the group had enough time to flee from the spot and, hence escaped the stings.

The men were hired by the people in the village to cut down the tree. They say that they had not noticed the beehive at all. When they felled down the tree, the bees dispersed and went out to sting passers-by. While the people were all stung more than once, it was the elderly man who has been the most affected.

After the incident, the Ministry of Agro Industry was contacted to report the case. Officers were sent to the spot to get rid of the remaining bees.

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