“Gold and Siver Ingots” Seized At Ebene: They Were Only Iron Bars!

They say not all glittering stones are diamonds, and we say, not all dyed-yellow-iron is gold! The individuals suspected of gold trafficking, apprehended by the police at Ebene, have retorted that they were only carrying iron bars for work purposes!


Two days ago, it was insinuated that some traffic of gold and silver was happening at Ebene. It was said that a man and a woman, suspected of indulging into gold trafficking, were questioned by the police, while the gold and silver ingots were seized. The suspects are both inhabitants of Beau-Séjour, found at Belle-Rose. They are infuriated at such accusations because, according to them, the ‘gold ingots’ were but iron bars. Now, they wonder as to why someone would want to tarnish their reputation.

Oups, that was one hell of a misunderstanding – iron bars mistaken for gold and silver ingots! You gotta be kidding me!

It all began with a phone call…

The 999 call that started the whole affair was made late at night on Tuesday. The caller related to the police that a vehicle had just left the Bagatelle Shopping Mall carrying unauthorised articles and that these would be transferred to another vehicle at Ebene. Police officers from the Emergency Response Service had arrived at Ebene, found the two vehicles fitting the description and had carried out a search of the two vehicles, after having sought the permission of the two drivers. That was how the gold and silver ingots were found. The drivers were allowed to return home while their gold bars were seized.

What do the suspects have to say?

According to Asraf Bundheea, one of the suspects, he runs a company dealing with vehicles including excavators and lorries, which are used on building sites. They use the iron bars to support the machines. Hyped “gold ingots” turned out to be iron bars to support huge vehicles. Shaheen Alladin, the cousin of Asraf Bundheea, also involved in the affair, says that the results of the analysis of the “gold bars” will soon prove their truths.

Shaheen Alladin retorts that the police would already have arrested them had they really been doing illegal deeds. She explained that she and her cousin had gone to Bagatelle in a car as they are used to when collecting checques or other payments from clients. They keep to one vehicle only for this purpose. Then, they came to Ebene, where she was waiting for her husband. She had stopped so as to take a rest, because, in the past, she had had an accident as sleep had overtaken her while she was driving. Her cousin had joined her in the car to discuss work when the police arrived on the spot. She also added that the police did their work in the proper way and that she has nothing to complain of them.

Asraf Bundheea says that he has been running his company for 16 years now, and the transport of the iron bars has always been done in cars. They had dyed some of the bars which were mistaken to be gold bars, while the “silver” ones had not yet been dyed. He still cannot understand how could the police officers have mistaken the iron bars for gold and silver.

The police has not wished to make any comment on the issue, saying that an investigation is ongoing. Now, they can only wait for the results of the analysis being done on the bars in question to be able to deduce definite conclusions…

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