Kidnapping Attempt of Two Young Girls at St Pierre Failed – Kidnappers Busted.

Kidnapping cases are quite uncommon in our country; very rarely would we hear of people getting kidnapped. And, when some do try it out, it doesn’t work… It has been reported that two little girls nearly got kidnapped this week, on the 29th. Nearly. But, thankfully, they managed to escape before the situation got worse.


Two young girls, who happen to be cousins, of standard VI were waiting for the parents of one of them at Circonstance at St-Pierre to come fetch them. It was in the late evening at around 18h15. While the girls were waiting by the road side, a van, carrying a number of passengers, had stopped by. One of the passengers of the small white van said to the girls that the father of one of them had sent them to bring the girls home. The person was even insisting for them to get onboard.

However, one of the girls refused to do so, because she did not wish to get into the vehicle of strangers. One of them, however, was tempted to get into the vehicle, but she was stopped by her cousin, who stood firmly on her decision of not going anywhere with strangers. The girls then took to their heels and ran to a relative who lived nearby, some 200 metres away, while the stranger who had been in conversation with them, having come after them, took to his vehicle ultimately.

The parents of the girls who nearly got kidnapped filed a police case. The officers of the Criminal Investigation Division of Moka had their investigations lead them to the owner of the van in question, and 7 suspects were arrested: of them, two were females and one was a teenage of 17 years old. The suspects are all inhabitants of St-Pierre. The two girls have identified one of them.

The girls had a narrow escape and yet, the parents, inhabitants of l’Avenir are still worried. Both families are now living in a state of insecurity.

The suspects were presented in front of the Bail & Remand Court. The teenager has been freed though. The suspects were to appear in the court of Moka today.

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