Larger Roads, Leisure Areas & New Parking Spaces at Ebene – Work To Start Soon

People have always complained of the impediments to road traffic at the cybercity at Ebene: too narrow roads making circulation problematic with vehicles parking in inappropriate places. Well, this is about to change, ladies and gentlemen!


A number of infrastructural work will start off soon enough at the cybercity of Ebene; the works are to begin next July. The goal of this new project is to render the road circulation more fluid, to offer more parking spaces. This will necessitate quite massive investments: Rs 30 millions have been allocated to bring the project into being.

Additionally, a leisure area will be put at the disposal of the employees. To be able to rework on the road network at Ebene, many organisations have put their minds together to come up with an adequate plan: the National Transport Authority, the Traffic Branch, the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit together with the Road Development Authority are collaborating together to build up the plan.

Certain roads will be enlarged, while 2 new round-abouts will be included, traffic lights will be put up, and more bus stops will be added together with their bus shelters. The construction of the Parking Tower should begin in Juin. The project was conceived nearly ten years ago, and will now finally come to fruition. The Parking Tower will consist of 6 floors, the building of which will need Rs 400 millions to complete. Now, how about the inconvenience of having to walk the distance between the Parking Tower to one’s working place? The cybercity is a very linked network of buildings, but it would still require walking quite a distance. Well, even this problem will be dealt with. Minibuses will be available for those who will leave their vehicles at the tower to reach their place of work.

And, what’s a street without a name?! The massive project will also cater for the naming of the different roads. Some of the names have already been conceived: Silicone Valley, ICT Avenue, Ébène Cybercity Boulevard, Wall Street, Rue du Savoir.

The leisure area, going by the name of the Health and Wellness Center, will be functional in two months’ time. A cafetaria, leisure areas and even a gym will be made available.

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