Man At Sea Saved By A WHALE Near Madagascar!

We’ve all heard of stories of dolphins and men, right? Well, get ready to read one about a whale and a man – a man who was lost at sea after his boat sunk escaped death by hanging on to a whale.


A Malagasy man has narrowly escaped death last Friday. Mara Beanjara, inhabitant of Bemanevika, was on a boat with two of his friends when they were dragged by the waves further to the south of Antsaravibe. He spent the whole night and part of Saturday at sea, while his friends disappeared to nowhere. He was later rescued by a team of a ship who saw him from a distance of three kilometers. How come Mara survived in the water, all alone? Well, he was not alone. He was saved in a very unconventional way, his hero being a humpback whale.

Mara and his friends were at around one kilometer from the coast of Antsaravibe when their boat ruptured. By night-time, it was sinking. When they were being pulled by the waves, Mara saw a heap on the surface of the water: lil island or something? His life in danger, not knowing what else to do, Mara clung to it. In no time, the ‘mobile island’ began to move about. That was when Mara understood that he was the unsolicited passenger of a whale.

Adhering to the back of the whale kept him more or less safe and sound. He had spent around eighteen hours in this position. Perhaps, had he not clung onto the enormous mammal, he would not have made it to land. However, remaining on the back of a whale comes with its own costs. Mara sustained quite some injuries. He has been severely wounded on the thigh. He was transported to the hospital once he was brought back to land. On top of the injuries, he was also extremely exhausted. Well, he had a rather unusual trip at sea on the back of a whale, what else to expect?


The relative sizes of the two mammals

According to what he said, it was extremely tedious to have a ride with a whale. The whale would dive really deep into the sea, and come out after some time to play with the calves (baby whales). The good thing was that the dorsal fin of the whale protruded out to the surface from time to time, which was of great relief for Mara, the whale-hitchhiker.

His two friends are, however, still missing.

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