Mathieu Opticiens Collecting Unused Glasses To Give Out To The Poor

Mathieu Opticiens have come up with the laudable initiative of giving out recycled spectacles to the poor. They wish to lend a helping hand in the combat against poverty in the country. For this purpose, they have called out for all those having unused, old pairs of glasses to donate these, so that they can renew these glasses to give them out to those who cannot afford glasses.





For those experiencing vision problems, it is a must to wear glasses, else this could lead to a deterioration of vision, and other health problems. However, not everyone can afford to have a pair, or to have frequent visits at the eye specialist’s. This why the company wishes to make accessible to this proportion of the population glasses.

The company will place at the disposal of the public urns for the collection of used pairs of glasses in 9 of its branches, both in Mauritius and Rodrigues, as from Friday. It goes without saying that the pairs of glasses to be given out should be in a good state. Anyone with unused pairs of glasses can leave his at any of the company’s branches spread all across the island.

Once collected, the glasses will have their lenses removed, cleaned, verified and then put into stock. Then, the personnel will personally go to poverty-stricken areas of the island to carry out vision tests on those who need them. They will then be able to be examined at the branches of the optician, and will make their choice among the variety of glasses that will have been gleaned. Everything will be done for free.

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