Mauritian Doctor Practising In France Sentenced To 20 Years of Imprisonment For Rape

A Mauritian doctor practising in Nîmes, France, has been condemned to 20 years of imprisonment after having been judged guilty for sexual harassment and rape. Fearing imprisonment, he had already left France to return to Mauritius. The Medical Council has, in the aftermath of the case, launched an investigation since the doctor has also worked in Mauritius. The aim is to verify whether or not the doctor has to be deleted from the list of practising doctors in Mauritius.


The said doctor would occupy the post of emergency physician in a hospital, in Nîmes, where he had studied medicine before. Things got complicated since 2012, when an international arrest warrant bearing his name had been issued. Five of his patients had levelled the accusation of sexual aggression and rape against him. Enough evidence had been gleaned – his sperm was found on a sheet of one of the victims – and he was judged guilty. He now has 20 years ahead of him to spend behind the bars, according to the sentence having been written out for him.

After having bailed his way out of prison, he had to wear an electronic bracelet and had to present to the police station of Nîmes once a week. The story was punctuated by a twist when he broke the bracelet with the intention to return to Mauritius. Since no extradition agreement had been struck between Mauritius and France, he deduced that he would hence escape going to prison. When interrogated last week though, he said that he intended to return to France to have a new trial opened where he would have the opportunity to defend himself.

Since his arrival in the country, he has worked in two medical institutions. However, when his police case was brought to the attention of the authorities, he was forced to resign. The Medical Council has thus opened an investigation.

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