Mauritians repatriated from Ukraine

Mauritians Studying in Ukraine Soon To Be Repatriated

Since last November, Ukraine has been under much political upheaval that has caused much tension in the country. Parents whose children are currently studying in the Ukraine have ever since been worried about the safety of their kids. Universities in Ukraine are often opted by many a Mauritian for tertiary studies; most of the Mauritians who enroll in those universities study medicine. The Mauritian students in Ukraine are a group of 16. A number of people have already lost their lives since the problems broke out, and the parents and students had been in a state of limbo from then on. But, not for long anymore.

Mauritians repatriated from Ukraine

Now, the situation has degenerated such that our Government has gone forward with the idea of repatriating the students. In March, it had been reported that the state of affairs were under control, and hence the Government had not asked for the students to be sent back home. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mauritius had been in contact with the Mauritian embassy in Ukraine so as to relay any important happening. But now, the State does not want to take any risk, since the possibility of a civil war is being entertained, as reported by the UK newspaper, The Independent.

Protesters in Ukraine are making their voices increasingly heard, and the Mauritians fear for their own security amidst the mayhem. For now, the Mauritian Government has planned for 5 of the students to be brought back home on the 22nd of May. A meeting was held last Friday, whereby the parents of the students and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed about the situation.

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