Mauritius Horse Racing: Ambitious Gambler Puts Rs 800000 At Stake For Rs 27 Millions

The very ambitious move of a certain gambler was on the lips of many from the Mauritian horse-racing world last week. The said person put Rs 800 000 at stake on one horse. The bewilderingly high amount has left people mouth-agape. The Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) has expressed its view on the affair; the president of the association, Hiren Jankee, has dismissed it as something normal. He told Radio Plus today that it is not something that should be shocking people that someone gambled such a huge sum for the sake of a horse. The gambler was just trying to play his cards right; Rs 27 millions were the winning prize.

The gambler had previously placed his stake at SMS Pariaz Ltd, which had no choice but to decline the offer, because the Rs 800 000 was much above the limit that the company could take in. What later followed was that the case was relayed to the police station of Quatre-Bornes. The exorbitant amount of Rs 800 000 would make anyone wonder as to where does it come from. Next curiosity-driven question: has another bookmaker accepted the stake or not? When great amounts of money are at stake, we all know how it is; people cannot help it but make it the talk of town. From where has the person acquired the money, what is he going to do with it, did he have recourse to some illegal means, and it goes on and on and on.

Okay, hold your horses, readers. The explanation furnished by the GRA is simple enough.

The GRA commented that the gambler alleged having won the sum of money on Saturday 3rd of May at the races, and he wished to place his prize at stake the very next day, aiming to win even more.

But here’s the wonderful part of this story: The horse on which the gambler wanted to bet for Rs 800000 actually won the race and SMS Pariaz Ltd would have had to pay Rs 27 Million is they had accepted the bet.

Fishy you say!

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