ICTSOs' duties in schools

Mauritius ICT Support Officers Union Defending Their Position

In reply to statements made previously on ICT Support Officers (ICTSO) in Mauritian schools, the President of the association stood up to refute the negative claims made, thus defending the position of its officers.

The ICT Support Officers (ICTSO) have defined responsibilities as put forward by the President of the ICTSO Union, Rishi Persand. The officers have to juggle among the following tasks: solving technical problems, ensuring that projects initiated by the Ministry of Education are implemented accordingly, installing software at schools and explaining to teachers and students as to how to use them, and providing additional assistance to the teachers. ICTSOs' duties in schools The purpose of this clarification? Recently, some had put forward that primary school teachers, namely the ICTSO and the Health and Physical Instructors, do not have as many tasks as they are being paid for; in short, that they are being paid for basically nothing. In retort to these statements, Rishi Persand made it a point to give his version of the matter.

According to him, it is a “false and ridiculous” report. It was previously planned that primarily, the ICTSO would teach information technology to students.

However, 2 years ago, the ministry decided that this subject would no longer be studied in schools. As a consequence, the tasks of the ICTSO have had to be redefined in accordance with this change. In light of this, the role of the ICTSO was remoulded to fit the requirements. Because of these modifications, their salary dropped from Rs 14 000 to Rs 9600. But, they still have a primary role to play.

After having clarified his take on the issue, he went on to comment on the duties of the teachers… According to him, teachers do not always go by their scheme of duty. Often enough, they do not bring their students to the ICT laboratories, which later impacts negatively on the students themselves. He further said that the Government Teachers Union fought to have the post of the ICTSO, and now they are making the declaration that the responsibilities of the latter are not clearly defined.

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